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The Future of Clean Energy Is Now in Maquoketa & Dubuque, Iowa

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Nienke Solar is a full-service solar energy company based in Dubuque, IA serving throughout Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota . Our team does everything you can think of when it comes to solar systems, including maintenance, monitoring and consulting work. Our mission, however, is to educate area residents about the benefits of clean solar energy.

Considering going solar? We'd be happy to discuss your options, including...

  • Roof- or ground-mounted solar arrays
  • Backup generators
  • Solar batteries

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Power outages could be just a blip on your radar

When there are storms in the forecast, it's natural to worry about the power going out. But power outages aren't a concern for Dubuque, IA property owners who've switched to solar energy.

Here's what'll happen after you schedule a solar panel, solar battery or backup generator installation:

  • You'll have reliable power no matter how long the power grid is offline.
  • You won't have to halt day-to-day operations just because of a storm.
  • You could become 100% energy independent.

When you need an established solar energy company to handle your project, look no further than Nienke Solar. Our services include solar panel installation, solar batteries, sonnen battery distribution, backup generator installation, generac generators, and more! Contact us today to learn how to lower your electric bill with your new energy efficient home.


You're one step closer to an energy-efficient home

Ready to go solar? Just contact Nienke Solar, a local solar energy contractor in Dubuque, IA. All you have to do is...

  • Show us a copy of your electric bill, so we can see how much energy you normally use.
  • Ask about your solar system options, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Trust your solar panel installation to us, so you can start enjoying an energy-efficient home right away.

You'll appreciate our reliable solar power services. If you'd like to speak with a member of our team, call 563-503-6430 now.